How to transfer files to Lyon

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  • Automatic file transfer from one institute to $H1HPSS:

    The script exec_transf_lyon_labs permits to transfer files from the disk in a remote institute to $H1HPSS. It assumes that the RSA authentication is correctly set (see How to avoid to be prompt for password ). The script performs the following actions:

    What to do:

    1. check to have a correct RSA authentication (see How to avoid to be prompt for password ) and that the remote machine is a "know host" for your account in Lyon (connect with ssf to it and say "yes" to the question: "Host key not found from the list of known hosts. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?").

    2. in Lyon:
      1. create a file [listOfFiles] with the list of files to be copied from the institute (absolute path)
      2. decide your [outDirLyon] and check the space in it. On the base of the file size, decide your [maxNumFiles]
      3. decide your [outDirHPSS] (giving "!" will copy the files in the same path as in the remote host. For example: /mc/pythia61/pippo.dat will be copied in $H1HPSS/mc/pythia61/pippo.dat
      4. start the execution of the script "exec_transf_lyon_labs" with the decided parameters

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    1/2/2002 F.Cassol Brunner