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A general introduction to the Unix system in the Centre de Calcule of Lyon can be found in the "User Guide of UNIX at CCIN2P3" ( html or PostScript ). The document "Using the UNIX Resources at CCIN2P3" ( PostScript ) can also be useful for an introduction to the available Unix resources (even if it is not totally updated).

For general help you can contact the or consult the newsgroup about the Unix System (

The administrators of the hera1 resources in CCIN2P3 are called czar and are F.Cassol Brunner and U. Berthon. They are responsable for the disks and tapes administration.

The available disk resources for hera1 are:

A CVS repository is available for the book keeping of personal codes. Its location is defined by the environment variable $CVSROOT. It is possible to switch between the Lyon and the DESY CVS repository using the commands:

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3/9/2002 F.Cassol Brunner