H1 Software

The H1 software has been installed in "$H1_ROOT"="$THRONG_DIR/h1" and it is supported only in the Linux platform.

It can be divided in two categories:

Standard (fortran) sofware:

The latest installed versions of the utility packages are:

Package Version Default name
BOS 1.00/14 libbos.a
FPACK 1.05/01 libfpack.a & libfpacknew.a
H1NDB 1.02/22 libh1ndb.a
DATMAN 4.04/09 libdatman.a
LOOK 2.13/11 liblook.a
H1UNIX 2.01/23 -
H1UTIL 4.09/26 libh1util.a
H1QT 2.02/05 libh1qt.a

The following generator packages are installed:

Package Version Default lib name Default exec name
jetset74 74100 libjetset74.a -
ariadne408 40802 libariadne408.a -
pdf7 70900 libpdflib7.a -
pdf8 80400 libpdflib8.a -
pythia57 57220 libpythia57.a -
pythia61 61570 libpythia61.a -
djangoh12 210201 libdjangoh12.alibdjangoh12

The following rows of the VERSION_TABLE are installed:

4 - 90718 30800 50800 20506 32800 40926 10112 11907 !mchera1
3 - 90717 30700 50800 20506 32800 40926 10112 11907 old_oo_6.2.04
2 90605 - 30110 50611 20506 31003 40924 10112 11907 !pro !hera_1
1 90530 - 30106 50607 20506 30921 40914 10106 11900 !repro00

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OO (Root-C++) sofware:

The oo-software is installed in "$H1_DIST"="$THRONG_DIR/h1/root".

The following invironment variables are defined:

Several releases are generally available. The following commands can be used for defining them:

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H1-France software (OO or other):

Several packages are produced by H1-France for the development of analysis. They are collected in the CVS repository of the CC:


Each package has one or more librarians. It is mandatory to inform them before each CVS commit.

Package Short description Librarians
Marana General library to perform oo analysis based on Mods/Hat and user trees F.Cassol Brunner, E. Sauvan
MkHisto Example of classes for the fast histogramming of specific analysis (NC, Compton, etc...) F.Cassol Brunner, E. Sauvan
MarSel Event selection package. It permits selections from Mods and from DST F.Cassol Brunner, E. Sauvan
MarUserTree Package to write an user tree (for the moment, tracks data) E. Sauvan, F.Cassol Brunner
MkCalib Hadronic calibration package E. Sauvan, B. Portheault
MkInstantons Instantons analysis package M. Peez
MkECal Electron calibration package E. Sauvan, C. Goyon
MkMe Multi-electrons analysis package E. Sauvan, C. Goyon
MkDQ Data quality package E. Sauvan, F.Cassol Brunner
MarPlot Kumacs and classes to make nice plots E. Sauvan, M. Peez
MkNCCC NC and CC analysis package B. Portheault
MarManager Scripts package to steer one analysis. It permits to create the mods/hat, to run the analysis and to sum the histograms (scaled to the data lumi) F. Cassol Brunner
CC_Tools Collection of scripts of general utility at the "Centre de Calcule" (CC). See the README file. F. Cassol Brunner
MarQCDFunc Package (derived from H1QCDFunc and independant from other H1 packages) dedicated to the call of useful fortran (QCD) functions. It can be used for plotting as well as for event weight manipulation. MkNCC depend on this package. B. Portheault
MkGeneric Generic analysis package. E. Sauvan

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26/11/2004 F.Cassol Brunner