A summary of the tape resources in CCIN2P3 can be found here . The present most supported tapes are called "9840" and correspond to a 20 GB volume. They can be provided to the users by the hera1 czar.

Each tape has a unique specifier called VID (Visual IDentifier), composed by a prefix, a radical and a code. Tapes dedicated to internal use in CCIN2P3 have prefix "IN2P3". The radical depends from the group: hera1 have 3 radicals: "H1", "PO", "VT" (type "tms query radical group [group_name]" to know the radical of a specific group). The code corresponds to four alphanumeric characters.
In the past all three H1 radicals have been used and the criteria to define the code have been lost. We decided therefore a new strategy to specify the tapes VID: for future tapes the radical will be always "H1" and the code will be an increasing number (starting from "0001"). For examples H10001,H10002, etc...

The tape administration is performed by TMS (Tape Management System), provided also of a graphical interface: xtms .

Tapes are accessed through the xstage commands :


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27/6/2001 F.Cassol Brunner